The Irish Light Is Edited By Gemma O’Doherty.

Our goal is to fulfill the function of the traditional press long since abandoned by the Irish mainstream media: to hold power to account and expose corruption in public office.

The newspaper is distributed independently to remain fiercely free from the establishment we seek to hold to account.

We have a nationwide distribution network throughout the island of Ireland and strive to reach Irish people who rely on mainstream media and may not have access to the truth about the globalist New World Order agenda and tyrannical Great Reset.

While we do our best to get copies to those who request them, please understand that we are trying to target primarily the uninitiated rather than those already awake.

However, we will endeavour to reach everyone who requests the newspaper.

Please distribute The Irish Light outside supermarkets, Mass, train stations, to Gardai, healthcare workers and public servants, and in busy public spaces.